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We have helped 1000s of clients across South Africa  with their Loan/ Finance Applications. We boast of more than 6 years experience in Loan and bond application documentation. Best of all, we offer you value for money.

Applying as a Self-employed Person in your personal name:

When applying as a self-employed person, the following documents are usually required:

  1. Payslip (Up to 6 months’ Worth of Payslip can be required) to proof that you have been paying yourself a salary.
  2. An accountant’s letter as proof of earnings.
  3. Personal Bank statement (Up to 6 months bank statement can be required)
  4. ITA34 (Depending on how you conduct your account and in Some circumstances, this might not be required)
  5. Proof of Identity and Proof of Address
  6. Latest financial statements (2 years financials might be required in some cases. Please confirm with your banker or estate agent)
  7. Latest management accounts (Usually if your operations have been 6 months and old after the latest financial year end)

Applying in the name of the Business

When applying in the name of the business, the following documents are usually required:

  1. Financial statements. Depending on the type of loan or finance you are looking at, the bank might require you to provide financial statements for a varied period. For example, if you are looking for an overdraft, the bank might require you just 1-year worth of financials but if you are applying for a commercial building, the bank could require you to provide 3 years’ worth of financials.
  2. Business Bank Statement.
  3. Proof of address of the business and Proof of Identity of all Directors
  4. Management Accounts

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