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Company Registrations

Private Company = R600 | Co-operative Registration = R1800 |Non-Profit Company = R2000 | Personal Liability Company = R1500| Public Company = R5000 | External (Foreign Company) = R3000 | State-Owned Company = R10000 | Private Company with Customized MOI = R5000

Company Essentials

Business Plan For Start-ups = R3000 | Business Plan For Existing Business= FROM R4500. Price varies depending on the Complexity of Transactions or Industry. | Business Profile For Start-ups = R500 | Business Profile For Existing Businesses = R1000 | Business Proposal = FROM R1000 Depending on the complexity of Project | Marketing Plan = R1500 | Financial Projections = R1000 | Central Supplier Database (CSD) Registration = R250 | Drafting of Employee Contracts = From R500

Trust Administration

Trust Registration = R3000 | Drafting or Amending of Trust Deed= R2500 | Trustee Amendments = R2500 | Acting as Independent Trustee of Trust = From R1000 P.m

For Other Services relating to a trust, contact us for a quote

Tax Matters

Tax Registration= R500 | Tax Clearance Certificate= R500 | Income Tax Return= R1000 (For Individuals) OR From R1500 (For Businesses) | Import and Export Licence = R2000 | VAT Registration= R3000 | PAYE, UIF & SDL Registration = R1500 |

For Other services price not found here, contact us for a quote.

Company Amendments and Changes or Secretarial Services

Annual Return Submission =R300 | Adding Director, Removing Director or changes of Director Details = R400 | Changing of Company Address = R250 | Changing of Company Financial Year End = R400 | Changing of Company Name =R700 | Share Certificate = R450 

CIDB Registrations and Amendments or Renewals

Grade 1 = R1200 (Or R950 if the company is registered by us OR if the company already a CSD registration)
Grade 2 = R1500
Grade 3 to 9 = R2000

Price applies to one class of work. R650 would be charged for any additional class of work added within the same application

COIDA Registration PLUS Letter of Good Standing

COIDA Registration PLUS Letter of Good Standing = R1000. NOTE: Price excludes fee charged by Department of Labour

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